Military / Public Service Discount

We offer a 10% discount for all active duty military / law enforcement / firefighters and EMS. Just our way of saying thank you for keeping America and our family and friends safe.

Mission Statement 

I hate the phrase “mission statement”, so let me just tell you who we are. First and foremost we are dog lovers. Our primary concern is your satisfaction and the safety and wellbeing of our/your dogs.  We attempt to breed English Bulldogs that conform to the AKCs definition of the breed. We are ethical breeders who “hand raise” our pups, and who do not leave them kenneled for hours on end. Our pups run around the house and yard and play with our other dogs. They are well socialized. We take what we do seriously and want you to have a companion for life! One final point. Should you find yourself in a desperate situation and can no longer take care of your bulldog, and cannot find a suitable home for him/her, please contact us. We will make arrangements to pickup the bulldog you purchased from us and find a new home for him/her. Please do not abandon your bulldog or have him/her put down. Thank You.

Health and wellbeing of your puppy

We suggest that you establish a good relationship with your veterinarian and follow their advice and counsel when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your animals. They have studied and trained many years and have extensive knowledge about your animals. They are the experts! We also recommend the AKC for general information about your specific breed. You can also research online, buy books, read articles, and talk to others who have “been there, done that”, but always verify the information with your Vet!

American Kennel Club (AKC)

We are a proud member of the American Kennel Club and adhere to all of their policies, procedures, and regulations. We recommend that you go to their website and utilize the information contained within. The American Kennel Club is an excellent and trustworthy source of information.

General Information

Thermal Photography of Adams Lacy Mae

Agreement / Contract

Whether or not you purchase a puppy from us or another breeder, please read and make sure you fully understand the Agreement / Contract. It is a legal and binding contract. We put all of our rules and policies on the table and will not hide or omit any information pertinent to your decision-making. As such, we will adhere to our agreement and request that you do the same. Our primary concern is your satisfaction and the health and wellbeing of our/your puppy(s)!


We are a strong advocate of animal rescue and have, over the years, rescued and fostered many dogs. Roxy, our most current, is a member of our family!


Transportation and Delivery Policy

Bulldog Country will, on occasion and with prior agreement, deliver the purchased puppy within Sarasota and Manatee Counties free of charge. All other locations will be billed as follows:
Ground Transportation: $.50 per mile and $15.00 per hour.
Air Transportation, continental United States: $350.00 plus all permits and associated costs. Additionally, if the puppy is flown out of an airport other than Sarasota / Bradenton, ground transportation fees and time will be billed accordingly.
International: Cost plus time and permitting charges.